PETA has long been campaigning for the ban of use of animal skin for use in watch straps and Chanel’s latest release is a step in the right direction for the activists latest cause.

Following the campaign last year, the state of the California was the first to introduce measures with the law stating that all products using skins from alligators and crocodiles must be removed from sale on January 1, 2020.

At the time, WatchPro reported how the animal rights group had the likes of Hermès and Louis Vuitton in its sights as part of the effort.

In light of this, Chanel has just launched the latest expansion to its BOY-FRIEND collection in a move that matches what PETA had hoped to achieve.

Chanel explained how committed to no longer using exotic leather straps for its watches, it presents MY BOY∙FRIEND with a large selection of straps to personalize the BOY∙FRIEND watch.

The decision was based on the increasing complexity of sourcing exotic skins that meet Chanel’s high standards in terms of both ethics.

It referenced traceability guarantees, breeding conditions as well as quality.

It says the new design allows the user to combine different watch sizes with colored straps in calfskin, alligator motif or quilted motif, tweed, and tweed motif in beige gold or steel.

The new watch contains a high precision quartz movement housed in a case features a bezel set with 62 brilliantcut diamonds.

It is water resistant to 30 metres and has hours and minutes functionality.

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