Gucci is reminding the world of the association between the gender-neutral Grip watch it launched last year and the street sports that inspired its design.

The timepiece’s design and name are drawn from the skateboarding world: firstly from the grip tape that skaters use on their decks and secondly to the way it fits around the wrist.

For its second holiday season on sale, Gucci is promoting the Grip with a series of portraits and videos of street sport athletes from around the world including scenes from roller-skating, playing basketball, skateboarding or break-dancing.

Among the collaborators is Leo Baker, described as a non-binary American professional skateboarder and activist, New York’s Paperboy Prince, a basketball player and rapper, and Brad Elterman, who specializes in documenting pop, punk and rock bands in Hollywood.

They are shot in Paris, Berlin, Chengdu, New York and Los Angeles.

Leo Baker.

Sara Lancerio.

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