CODE41 has launched the second edition of its DAY41 project.

This time focusing on “unisex mechanical magic,” the brand says the DAY41 project is a result of the direct impetus of its female community.

It became a reality following 8 months of votes and passionate debates and now the result goes against the flow of traditional watchmaking.

The DAY41 project was initially dedicated to women but those behind the brand say they quickly realized that this mechanical watch worked just as well on a woman’s arm as on that of a man.

Claudio D’Amore, CODE41 founder and CEO, said: “In our attempts to create a beautiful women’s watch, we’ve ended up just creating a beautiful watch, regardless of gender.”

Reflecting on the results of the first edition of the DAY41 project, the brand says it was met with resounding success, with 1,941 pieces sold for a total of 2,185,345 CHF during the pre-order period which ran from (January 29 to February 28, 2020.

With the first edition, CODE41 once again reinforced its international presence with 35% of the customers coming from France, 25% from Switzerland, 10% from Germany, and 30% from the rest of the world.

CODE41 wanted to create a mechanical piece dedicated to their female community. But upon receipt of the prototypes, the Swiss brand realized that the DAY41 watch was just as likely to appeal to men as it was to women.

In the wake of the Edition 1, CODE41 has observed that the results are split between men and women.

Available in two sizes (37mm and 40mm), 58% of DAY41 buyers are men and 42% women.

Among male buyers, the best sellers were the 40mm Charcoal Gray PVD, Black PVD and Steel while for the women, the best sellers were the 37mm Charcoal Gray PVD, the 40mm Black PVD and the 37mm Steel.

Moving onto the second part of the project, entitled DAY41 – Edition 2, CODE41 confirmed that pre-orders will close on December 18 after opening on November 26.

The starting price of this DAY41 Edition 2 will be from $1180 So that the DAY41 can suit any size of wrist (male or female), it is available in 37mm and 40mm versions.

5 variants are available for the 37mm version, including:

– Rose Gold Pvd, Anthracite, Black PVD, Stainless steel and stainless steel set with diamonds and 3 variants for the 40mm version:

– Anthracite, Black PVD and Stainless steel

CODE41 has also decided to offer its members 5-day delivery and the possibility of delivery before Christmas.

Limited to 800 pieces, CODE41 has chosen the Swiss mechanical STP movement for its excellent value for money.

In addition, for a standard movement, its skeleton design is particularly successful and boasts the distinctive features of an above-average power reserve, at 44 hours (usually 40 hours), being tested in 5 positions (normally 2 to 3), and precision worthy of the best movements, with a daily difference of -0/+15 seconds.

The watchmaker went on to explained that direct distribution, minimal mark-ups and transparency on costs are some of the key criteria that allow it to offer the DAY41 at a price it hopes can defy the competition.

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