New York-based production house Tourbillon Film Works has released its first trailer for Keeper of Time, a feature -length documentary that explores the world of mechanical watchmaking while contemplating the theoretical and philosophical notions of time, aging and mortality.

Produced and directed by Michael Culyba, the documentary is hoping for a film festival release early next year with a view to securing wider distribution.

It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $115,000 in a month.

Several of the world’s most respected independent watchmakers including Philippe Dufour, Roger W. Smith, François-Paul Journe and Max Büsser contributed to the film, along with scholars in the fields of theoretical physics, physiology and philosophy.

Keeper of Time trailer

Other prominent figures featured in the film include Ben Clymer, executive chairman of Hodinkee, Michael Friedman, head of complications at Audemars Piguet, watch collector William Massena and Eric Ku, a famous vintage watch trader and collector.

Mr Ku is also an executive producer for the documentary, along with John Reardon, Christie’s former international head of watches and founder of Collectability, an online platform for vintage and pre-owned Patek Philippe.

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