In addition to a covid-induced hit on business, the US election was also a concern for customers around the world.

According to Swiss-based Brellum, the uncertainty of Trump’s tenure in the White House and Joe Biden’s ascension to power initially left a hesitancy around watch sales.

It has however now bounced back, as Sebastien Muller explains in conversation with WatchPro.

WP: How has business adapted to the COVID-19 crisis?

SM: The business was a bit affected in the first wave of COVID, in March and April, which meant the next months had compensate. Numbers in first semester were very good for Brellum.

This was followed by the election in the USA which affected the confidence of people while coincided with the second wave of COVID. It dealt heavy blows the the stock market, but in the last few days with Trump almost recognising the loss and and the promise of a vaccine, we’ve seen growth in confidence. Sales have increased again and Brellum will reach numbers of 2019 which were very good. This is thanks to the regular collection as well as the new Pilot Power gauge Chronometer collection.

WP: Do you have imminent product plans coming to market?

SM: Brellum is constantly working on new developments, the beginning of next year will see the arrival of the new Brellum Wyvern GMT Chronometer and probably a new Limited Edition of the Brellum Duobox Moonphase Chronometer. We are also working on an exceptional series, the first Brellum Automatic Tourbillon, to celebrate the Duobox model’s 5th anniversary, which will be unveiled in 2021, and limited to 11 units worldwide of which some are already reserved.

WP: You launched a chronograph earlier this year, was it successful?

SM: Yes, the new Brellum Pilot Chronometer is a great success. I did introduce the new Brellum Pilot in April with a Limited Edition which was produced to 33 units worldwide and very recently the Pilot Collection with blue, black or silver dials.

The modified Valjoux 7750 fully decorated and COSC certified + the power reserve indicator is always successful too.

WP: How does the direct sales strategy benefit the customer?

SM: It is the heart of the Brellum strategy. Every customer worldwide can contact me directly, and more than 50% do – most of the time to discuss about the brand, the vision, or technical specifications and advices.

I sell all my production directly to my customers all over the world through my website without any middlemen, which allows me to reduce the price by at least 50% compared to a traditional sales network. This benefits customers directly and does not affect the brand. This allows customers to buy an exceptional product because it is limited to 299 units per year for the whole world.

WP: What is the beauty of only producing 299 watches per year? And why that number specifically?

SM: 299 watches a year is roughly equivalent to one watch a day and that’s what my capacity allows me to do. I am a craftsman who works on exceptional products for enthusiasts of fine watchmaking and I do not wish to expand my production. Brellum will never produce more than 299 watches per year. This small quantity allows me to ensure exceptional quality and service for exceptional customers.

 WP: Which markets does Brellum see the most interest from?

SM: Brellum arouses interest wherever a watch enthusiast can discover the brand and compares what Brellum offers with its competitors. Brellum has no limits but I can say that the USA, Asia, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom are countries that appreciate the brand very much.

WP: From a business and product perspective, what does 2021 look like for Brellum?

SM: 2021 looks very good with some novelties, most probably two Limited Edition (which are part of the 299 units yearly produced), and an exceptional series of 11 Automatic Tourbillon, some are already reserved by customers, so a lot of work.

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