Health and wellbeing has never been talked about as much as it has this year. The global pandemic brought personal fitness to the top of the agenda for most people, and devices to support that have flown off the shelves.

Tapping into that market is this GT 2 smartwatch from Porsche Design and Huawei. It is a classic smartwatch that comes with a truly luxurious feel thanks to the sleek titanium bracelet coupled with ceramic on the rear of the case which adds an even better fitting to an already comfortable feel.

The launch is the latest in the duo’s collaboration and becomes the most high-end addition to the line-up, a position easily assumed and rightfully so.

While maintaining a luxurious feel, functionality goes even further in what this watch can offer as a whole package. The titanium is more than comfortable enough for workouts and exercise but included in all orders is a  Fluoroelastomer strap to offer the user a different and more flexible feel when needed.

Linking up to the Huawei health app, the watch is easy to use and offers settings for a variety of workouts and exercises from weight training, running to more extreme sports like skiing.

During exercise, the watch offers clear legibility and shows heart rate peaks via the Huawei TruSeen 4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology and a 6-in-1 LED lens located on the ceramic at the back of the watch. The timepiece also displays the time taken in warm-up mode, to high intensity mode to cool downs, allowing the user to properly track what they are aiming to achieve directly from the workout.

This data deploys directly to the health app and creates a portfolio of detailed workout insights to look back and build on.

The other easy access health feature and one which is becoming increasingly insightful given the current ‘covid climate’ is stress level monitoring. Over the course of the day, the user is able to monitor and keep an eye on stress levels to see where, when and which events cause their stress levels to increase, an interesting and useful feature for the modern day health conscious.

From an aesthetic perspective, the watch features a streamlined titanium body that pays homage to high-speed supercar design. The bezel, with the iconic Porsche Design logo integrated at the top, is seamlessly incorporated into the watch face giving it a premium touch.

Huawei’s new titanium buckle is accented with the Porsche Design Icon, and makes the process of putting on and taking off the watch quick and easy. Two digital crowns feature Porsche Design’s iconic red circle and are a testament to the innovative and high-end manufacturing of the watch. With a gentle press, users can easily explore the various settings and configurations.

The always-on watch face featuring watch hands and numbers are easy to read at a glance while the E-PURE watch face takes the analogue dial into a digital era.

The end result is a flawlessly designed smartwatch that is premium, mature and scratch-resistant, ideal for everyday wear and outdoor activities. Available this month at an RRP of €695 including a wireless charger, cable and the Fluoroelastomer, Huawei and Porsche Design really have put the pedal to the metal on this one.


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