Trikona London has smashed its Kickstarter goal as it continues to grow.

The Swiss made warrior watches have debuted on the platform with the brand explaining how it wants its offering to be available at an affordable rate.

The London-based firm launched the innovative series of Swiss made Warrior Watches to hail the ethos of resolve, strength, and endurance of a true warrior spirit.

The latest warrior watch series comes in 2 collections with three models for each. The two collections are Signature and R3SOLUTE.

The signature collection, as the name says, represents the iconic triangle brand logo, which embodies The Power of 3 physical stamina, mental drive, and emot ional resilience.

The company derives its name from the Sanskrit word Trikona which means triangle where each angle represents one of the Power of 3.

A healthy balance of these elements is the key to overcome all challenges in life.

The R3SOLUTE collection is described as classy and elegant, and is described by Trikona as one of the most affordable Swiss made timepieces in the world.

Designed with state of the art Swiss Made Ronda 515, the watch embodies the Power of the human spirit.

Trikona explained how backers will be rewarded with discounts on both collections.

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