I’m not sure winning the race to produce a genuine carbon fiber bracelet in volume is quite as important as Zenith making the world’s first automatic chronograph movement, but it is progress.

Zenith will use its lightweight integrated bracelet for the first time in a Defy Classic Carbon, which also has a carbon fibre case and a total weight of just 65 grams.

There have been carbon fibre bracelets before, but they have typically been composites with a metal inner, or they have appeared only on very limited run watches.

The Defy Classic Carbon is remarkably light; half the weight of the same watch in titanium, which itself is lighter than steel or precious metals.

It may be light, but the design of the watch is dark and brooding thanks to the use of an open worked Elite automatic movement with ruthenium treatment and blacked hands and hour markers.

It is on sale from this month at Zenith authorized dealers for £16,300.



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